Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer, whose drone hobby became a national talking point when it led to a finger injury during the playoffs, partnered with Yuneec Aviation to give away a drone for the holidays as part of a social media contest.

Bauer posted a video to Sqor last month asking that contest entrants do a random act of kindness, make a video of it, and post it to Twitter using #BauerChristmas.

“There’s so much negativity in the world today,” Bauer explained. “People are so busy. They rush. They’re rude to other people. The negativity on the news, the stuff going on over in Afghanistan and Syria. And everything that you hear, there’s a lot of negative out there, and you don’t hear a lot of positive stuff anymore. So I’d like to do something that helps make the community a better place.”

The contest inspired one person to give an Indians World Series cap to a convenience store worker who is a fan and another person to buy coffee for the car occupants behind him in the drive-through.

The contest winner made a bag of candy for the mailman and left it in the mailbox with a nice note. He received a Yuneec Breeze 4K, a quadcopter that Bauer recommends for beginners in drones.

The winner later posted videos that the drone was able to capture.